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Genko Kuzarow
Translator & Interpreter (member of BDÜ)

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Tel.: +49 30 9279 9271
Fax: +49 30 9279 9272

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Our services:

  • Professional translations: judicial and private documents, technical and commercial documentation, contracts, correspondence, tender documentation, proofreading
  • Interpreting: consecutive or simultaneous, talks, meetings, negotiations, escorts anywhere

Core languages:

Bulgarian, German, English, Russian; my team of professional interpreters will however be glad to assist you for any request with any language.

Professional experience:

Business in general; import & export; fairs and exhibitions, events; construction projects; power generation; electrical equipment; machine tools and hardware; transportation engineering; telecommunications; water preparation, waste water treatment and waste disposal, ecological projects; legal and consular affairs &civil civil registry offices; delegations services; legalisation of documents, etc. ...


Bodies of the European Union; various embassies; German ministries; The German Bundestag; Chamber of Commerce; German courts; Berlin Water company; Kühne & Boeing; Dussmann AG; Wall AG; Sparky Ltd.; European economic Academy; Konrad-Adenauer Foundation; Alpine Bau AG; Wintershall; Banks; Ruhrgas; Alstom; SIEMENS; E.ON; etc. ...

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